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I am into pentesting and website security so idk spoofs just sounded cool lol
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I make music - hence production.
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Lily wroteIt's my girl name.

my dogs called Lily

no h8
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My name comes from an old nickname I had during my childhood and it's been my GT since CoD4
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Bump on topic.
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It's my initials of my full name
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My name is ChugJug because, I play fortnite the most out of any game I play at the moment.
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Mines is my Xbox gamer tag since the original Xbox
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I like rocks
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Loke wroteMy name is from an anime called fairy tail

And its Lowkey

Loke is low key such a playa.

coolbunny1234 was created when bun bun was in third grade and was creating an AIM account with his boy after a long afternoon of playing age of empires on windows 2000 / xp.
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