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just a lil mutt of a dog
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Has me a doggo
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I have 3 Yorkies, the mom Lilly and her son Zimba, and daughter Chiki and a male cat named Charlie lol I didn't pick the cat's name he was named before I got him.
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Ive got a tuxedo cat looking to get a golden retriever when I move out
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I have a dog, i kinda need a giraffe.
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I have a dog, but I have been wanting to get a Panther Chameleon for years!
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I have a snake and a hamster and a 5 month old bunny
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I just got a rabbit, my girlfriend has been wanting one for years. He's big white and fluffy. His name is George
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I just have me a little kitty cat
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1 cat
1 rabbit
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