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Thanks for your time and assistance!!!
Using FATXplorer I can see what appears to be most if not all of the games. I don't think I see all of the profile information, but I am not really sure how to interpret what I am seeing on fatxplorer.
I have not yet copied ANY date off of, or onto the xbox 360 console's HDD.
i am currently just viewing it with FATXplorer. If I can figure out how, I will copy the data OFF of the HDD onto my PC to store it for safekeeping, in case recovery attempts are uncessfull and I somehow loosse some data..

All the steps to "Transfer data" were done through the console and it's normal menu's. Specifically Settings>storage>Transfer data.

What is most important to me is ONE profile (mine) and my minecraft game, that I have spent hundreds of hours building.

I agree, it does not make sense to me either that it was ALLl gone so quickly.. I THINK it is a case of the profiles got lost/corrupted, and because the profiles are lost/corrupted, I can't sign into anything to see any game data.BUT the storage section of the console says there is no game data on either drive.

I did reach out to Microsoft their only answer was to buy xbox live gold and let everything sync to the cloud for recovery.
I might try that, but not until I can be sure I have backed up the HDD with the ability to recover it all, should the xbox live gold installation somehow overwrite my games data.
I am worried that NOTHING will sync, as the console currently says nothing is there...
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Any help here would be appreciated!
I am hoping for advice on how to save my current games and profiles from the 360 HDD to my computer, and then advice on how to get the games and profiles to be visible again on the 360.
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I would definitely make efforts to retain the exact information you have by being able to access your most current saved data. You seem relatively confident that most of your information is on the drive you analyzed. I wish I could help with the hardware aspect but some google searches may help you in being able to access data on your HDD. It's definitely a possibility that data was corrupted by the in-system commands, but probably unlikely. The information was probably just lost somewhere in the transfer. If there's no data within your xbox at all right now, it seems unlikely that a cloud backup would be able to help as they have nothing to draw from. My best advice with the given info and my current knowledge would be to extract your savegames and profile info from your external HDD onto your PC, make copies just in case, then move back onto your console. Im sure others will be of more help. Keep us updated and good luck John!
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I'm no expert but I experienced a similar issue once. I'd strongly reccomend redownloading your profile via xbox live and then checking the profile ID to make sure it matches the ID of the save on the minecraft world. If you need more help feel free to pm me.
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From what i can make out so far with the information you have provided the data should still be on the drive...if this is the case try moving the files over to your PC or and external drive connected to your PC (if you need help on how to do it just message me ill help step by step) from their try making a copy of the files and transfer the copy over to the original drive. This keeps the original data that you moved on the PC in case this comes up... in the event that after you transfer the data back and you load it up on your xbox if anything says corrupted please message me right away i will walk you through how to uncorrupt the data. I have had to do this many times switching xbox's and helping friends...if you have any further question or just need help let me know i should be on for most of tomorrow. I hope this solves your issue good luck!!
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I have ordered a second 500GB external 360 drive. It will be here on Monday. I will probably do a bit level clone of my existing drive to the new drive, then try using the new drive for recovery attempts.
Data was deffinately corrupted or lost by in system commands as that is all I did (the transfer command via the Y button) to develop this problem.
I have updated info on what is available on the 360, see below.
I did have assistance last night, and it seems my saved games are not currently visible on my hdd.

>CK Mcgee
I did PM you, thanks for your advice!

I did look at the files, it seems that the content>profile folder on the HDD is empty...

After some awesome help last night from Brandon, I found that my HDD does have a lot of data, but it appears that many of my minecraft saved games, and my profiles are not visible on the HDD. Using FATXplorer and Horizon, we can see some minecraft saved games, but they are not the games I had created. We also can see the profile folder but it is empty.

I fired up the XBOX 360 with the extra 500GB hdd in it.
At first I went to Social and it showed my gammertag and my gammerscore (Roboticboss85 and 795GS). I thought this was good. Then I looked at the Sign in or Out button and it does show my 2 kids profiles, a create profile option and a DL profile option, but it does not show my profile and I can not sign out.
And now when I go back to the main social tab it shows my gammertag but a 0 gamerscore.

When I go to:
Settings>System>Storage>Hard drive
It now shows no profiles, and the saved minecraft games that are not mine, the same ones that were visible through Horizon and FATXplorer.

Settings>System>Storage>Memory unit
The INTERNAL now shows 4 profiles, my two kids profiles seem to be ok, but I have not logged into them.
And there are 2 other profiles, one is an Exclamation point avatar and says Corrupted profile with 212KB for file size. The other is a Green swirly symbol avatar pic and says Corrupted profile with a 2MB size. I "think" the 2MB is mine, but not sure.
Settings>System>Storage>Gamesand apps list there is a Exclamation point game called Minecraft that has a size of 46MB. hopefully this is my game!!!
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OK, per CK Mcgee I think we can try using a thumb drive to recover my data.
I put a 16GB thumb drive in the XBOX360, and it sees the drive in the storage panel, no problems. I would like some thoughts thought on transfering the data, as some of it shows as corupt, and the last time I tried to transfer it(before it showed as corrupt), is when the corruption seems to have occurred...
Any thoughts on how to successfully transfer this data from the internal storage to my thumb drive, or PC?
Is there easy or realistic any way to physically remove the internal 2 something GB drive, and connect it to my PC?

EDIT I took the xbox apart, the internal unit is built onto the motherboard, there was no removable memory unit from the motherboard. I rebuilt the Xbox and tested, it is all working.
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