GeneralWhat is your favourite food to get from a Restaurant?Posted:

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Would love to hear some of your favourite foods
that you have ever gotten from a Restaurant or Takeaway..

Mine would be a Full-On Roast
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Cali dog- a beef hotdog wit bacon wrapped around it, chilli, cheese & banana peppers on top
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Mel's All American Burger from a Diner.
2 patties cheese
Lettuce tomato bacon ketchup mayo mustard jalapenos and a bit more of things.
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My favorite food to get from a restaurant has to be alfrado noodles or a steak.
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chicken tenders
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Indian food is my fave
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Jambalaya fettuccini
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Normally Lasagne.
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We have this all you can eat indian place its like $16 and they have like 15 different curries, salads all these other stuff too and then you also get the deserts where its like rice pudding, ice cream fruit with fondant.

Damn that shit is good
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I always end up buying either a curry or a burger, don't usually even bother eying up the menu lol
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