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Wren wroteSo the article raises the question of whether PUBG is copying Fortnite in the updates under 2 points.
1. The all-new parachute skins. Though these are different from the ones in Fortnite, the concept is the same.
2. Random golden chests scattered all around the new PUBG map.
Let's tackle them one at a time.

1. 'Skin' cosmetics as a whole were not originally created by Fortnite, and has been a great money making system for many games prior to these two e.g. Counter-Strike and H1Z1. It was inevitable that skins were to be released on PUBG and many initial players were aware of this due to clothing being available.
- So is the concept the same? Yes. Are they copying Fortnite? No, they are copying every other successful game that has made millions from non-advantage virtual cosmetics.

2. Gold chests are simply another container that provides loot.
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That is an image of King Tutankhamun's Painted Chest from the years 1332-1323 BC. Perhaps PUBG is copying Tutankhamun.
- Just because Fortnite introduced chests as their form of loot delivery, does not mean these are original ideas to be copied from them, PUBG already had loot crates, the big red airplane delivery.

So the answer, no PUBG is not copying Fortnite because they would have to be Fortnite's original ideas. Non-advantage cosmetics were used long before the battle royale scene, and treasure chests in Fortnite are merely an adaptation of PUBG's red crates.

Thanks for summarizing it
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Too add on the other points technically PUBG was first for the parachute/glider skins, the twitch parachutes were added in in march 2017 wayyyy before fortnite BR was even announced here is what they looked like:

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