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Mine was getting staff but next is top 5 poster.
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Being here on TTG for 8 years.

Logging in daily to check stuff out, and helping others.

Mostly the 8 year thing though.
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Just being able to be here before there was over 2 million members.
I wish i was more active but honestly its just something to be proud of that this community is still standing tall and active after so long and to say I was apart of some of that is cool.
Here's to 6 more years
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Mikey complimented me.
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So cool reading all these
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I have a nice useful to unuseful post ratio, also earnt the idea badge which im quite happy I have
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Mickers wroteGetting 20k posts

oh wait

Started from the bottom now we here
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Having an announcement made about my fifa abilities is definitely up there...
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Christmas achievement because its the only one I have so far. xD
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1K Rainmaker and Gold Gifter. Seeing as those are the only two I've actually achieved myself.
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