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  • V5 Launch
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Xbox GT:Dyi 777
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  • Powerhouse
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ios: Owenkonz51
Xbox: YouGotProblems
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  • Winter 2019
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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4
Add me on PS4: Prophet_of_USA. Feel free to add me I'll except anyone!
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  • Wise One
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SoloPen57229703 is my gamer tag of Xbox
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  • Resident Elite
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GT: TasK Jecks
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Xbox GT: CN6R

Ill play whenever
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  • Prospect
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so many peeps to play with
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  • TTG Contender
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Would like some more people to play Fortnite PC with add my EPIC Games GT: TooNastie
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  • Winner!
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Anyone uo for playing fortnite add my epic game GT: MrMw209_
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  • Christmas!
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Xbox GT: Ovati
Especially hit me up if you've have an OG name. I play Rocket League competitively, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and FIFA pro clubs mainly

Fortnite: Ovati
Same as Gamertag. But add me from any device!
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