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Ok, so a ton of my friends are going Belgium tomorrow to the Rampage festival. This is gonna be a last minute thing for me, as it's sold out, I have to get a ticket from ticket swap, which may not be legit I dont know because I never used it before. AlsoI I can imagine the travel is gonna be so much more expensive. On top of that, i have work on Saturday night lol, so I would end up calling in sick ffs. So my question is to you guys, is it really worth it? I have been twice before and honestly, was the best raving experience of my life.

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This sounds like one of the most awful experiences in this thing we called life.
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So my question is to you guys, is it really worth it? I have been twice before and honestly, was the best raving experience of my life

Whats the point in asking then?

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I don't know anyone on that last, what music genre is it or what even is it?
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Dubstep = No
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**** yeah dude. If you had a blast the other times do it up. Enjoy these life experiences man.
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I'd say yes but I've never been to Belgium as Im from USA so I'mb biased. But Id say go for it.
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Ohmy, that would be so good to go to. Yes, without a doubt. I'd love to go to an event like that but no one likes my music taste.

Drumstep is bae though
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I would go just to see Barely alive and Virtual Riot. The rest I haven't come across before, or maybe I have and don't remember.
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If it was the best raving in your life then go again.

You don't need our opinions.
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