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I really enjoyed breaking bad!
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Best movie : End of watch

Best tv show (netflix) : Jericho

best tv (not netflix) : Revolution
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Been enjoying Gotham, 9-1-1 and S.W.A.T

Gonna start Game of Thrones soon
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If you haven't seen the work of Jesse Ridgway aka McJuggerNuggets, I recommend watching all of his work, Psycho series was good, and the newest one called Virtual Escape is awesome too! They let the audience choose what they do in the series KINDA, at the end of the episodes it says like for "this" thing to happen, or comment for "this" thing to happen, sweet!
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Show : Band of brothers
and movie... i got allot but i guess A Never Ending Story, really old one, a child hood memory
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Best series has to be Peaky Blinders.
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ATM I've been into SOA again!
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My favourite series would have to be The Peaky Blinders.
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This is going to sound so lame, but I have never seen Breaking Bad. I am currently so into it, it's amazing.
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