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I searched for a TDM last night and was put into a FFA on rust with 16 others and the guy was just deranking and freezing classes of everyone that connected to the game. He deranked several more.

Like really what is the point? What does someone get from doing this?
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they think its funny. its pointless to do and i find it very sad that ppl do it to make others angry/sad.
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If you need an unfreeze let me know
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People derank because they get a satisfaction feeling that you are somewhat upset. Even if you aren't upset they still think you are. They want attention by kids messaging them to please give their ranks back.
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i hate it when people kick you offline, like what do you get out of kicking someone offline? its sad and pathetic
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Imagine waking up and going on mw2 just to derank people LOL
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They will evenually stop, it's just people who just got their RGH and love to screw with people.
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It's a bunch of people that have no lives and are angry with theirs.
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Soak wroteIf you need an unfreeze let me know

Appreciate it man, fortunately I didn't have my classes frozen but I was deranked.
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Most people who Derank feel some sort of power from wrecking other people's games.
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