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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4
Great prices man I don't have an XB1 anymore I got PS4 cause COD is an exclusive on PSN hope they start doing this PS4 soon! Good luck with sales bro you have my vouch!!
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Legit AF! 100% Vouch From Me
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reliable! fast! legit!
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This guy doesnt need my vouch
But here it is. Very fast, reliable and very professional.

Thanks again for my master prestige 716!

Buy with confidence
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Vouch for XeCookie received my account very fast. 100% legit don't be afraid to buy. Also credit to you must be hard work completing all the requests keep up the good work.
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I can Vouche for him also he is very legit and very fast at his job! dont hesistate
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Used his service again today for some of the older cods. Always very professional and quick

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Dude Love the Work you did on my account thanks so much
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Has my vouch!!
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Online now PM to purchase!
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