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Wow it's such a great feeling to post on here & say I've finally reached 2000 posts. I joined TheTechGame on Jul 09, 2010 I was 10 years old on here trying to look for a mod menu & trying to host my own lobbies so my post could get allot of views / replies. It's crazy how good this website looks now. I'm not on here allot but I do check up once a day just to check out the News on the gaming world. 2000 isn't much but being on this website for 7 years is such a great feeling. That pretty much raps it up I hope everyone stays easy & positive! Peace!

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Congrats on 2,000 posts.

Hope to see you at 100 rep soon.

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Congrats on 2000 Posts!
See you at your next milestone bud.
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Congrats on 2k posts my dude
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Congrats on 2k posts
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see u at 3k bud
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Congrats on 2k posts!
See you at 100 rep
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Congrats on 2 million two billion too thousand posts.
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Congrats on 2000 post I'm working my way there
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Congratulation bro I'm far off 2000 yet lol
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