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Opinions on this? Didn't really know what to do just wanted to make a ww2 edit
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Personally, I like it. I like the way you've faded the text into the background.
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I don't like it as it's too dark and you've added a flare or some sort. Also you've lowed the fade for the text. It's okay I guess, seen better. Keep at it tho don't be saddened on what I've said, build what I've said to make to improve. Practise makes perfect!
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its alright, kind of dark but its not bad
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yes I would not dim out the Call Of Duty so much but overall I like it.
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Not bad, it may be a little bit dark but I enjoy the dark theme.
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It's a tad dark maybe try a bit brighter on the outer parts and the flash in the middle a bit dimmer just an opinion but other than that I think it looks sick.
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