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I have never received any of those but thanks for letting us know
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Skates wrote
AD4M wroteDoesn't help that TTG have a topic on downloading spoofing software making it readily available for people to share? Forums/t=7703292/document-doctor-...asily.html

the irony.
Tell me about it... Gold member or not, it shouldn't have been posted lol
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Thanks for telling us about this, hate them scammers!!!
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Im always checking for fakes like this. I have to say tho, this sounds legit. But fortunately for me i dont have a PayPal account.
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For anyone that wants to keep up to date with the latest security issues, I recommend subscribing to this email newsletter which tells you about the latest that's going on.

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I had one of these not so long ago. As Sean said you can report it to Paypal and they're usually pretty quick at dealing with that sort of stuff.
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Thanks for the heads up madz.

I will let me friends and family know.

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Thank you!!!
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Never thanked you for this post. Saved my mom today. Thanks lad.
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dude this is like every email scam
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