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I added the .xex to plugins in dashlaunch, saved settings to hdd, then rebooted my console.

I'm met with the patch's greeting as well as the option for how i want to open the menu (as soon as I launch the game). My problem lays with me not being able to open the menu once the game has loaded.

After trying back and fourth a few times, the game logged me off (during loading screen). and asked me to re-login. When I tried to login again, i wasnt able to. When the game loaded at the first mission, the menu opened. But this never happened again. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried this with a couple of mod menus, all of them give me the greeting and preferred opening of the menu, but I'm still not able to actually open it. All controller buttons work.
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Bad menu probably.
Make sure your GTAV Menu is Plugin 5 in dashlaunch.
Also make sure your gtav is installed correctly and that you havent got any other sort of mods on (tu update mods) etc
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you could be pressing the incorrect buttons to open the menu..
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Downloaded the complex version from Gamestorrent. Only thing i've done is adding the 000B0000 folder and adding the tu27 update. I've tried Legacymenu, Riptide and The Purge v3.9.
I've added a 100% savegame, thats it.

I am pressing the correct button combination, all buttons work.

thank you so much for the quick replys!
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Set menu as plugin 3, when you load up gta5 Los up through story mode then online also launch the game through your games is your xex menu
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ive had this problem and there was an easy fix, on the dashboard go to your system settings > storage and clear system cache. done when i didnt mod gta v for a long time i had the problem, once i did this it fixed everything lemme know if this helps
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