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I once owned a turtle his name was Bob, but one day when I came home from school he wasn't in his cage. Turns out that my mom had let him out because I wasn't taking care of him. I mean just because I didn't clean his cage didn't mean I didn't like him. I was devastated for weeks, he was my first and only pet. But today I was outside mowing the lawn and you'll never believe it, I found Bob just crawling though the grass. Now I know what your thinking, oh she just let him out and you found him a few days later. Oh NO let me tell you what, Bob my turtle he had been missing for over seven years! I literally can't believe it my self, the story sounds so made up but it isn't. But to top everything off the craziest part about the entire situation, bob didn't look like he aged a single day. He was the same size and everything as the day he left. So my question to you is do you think Bob ever left my front yard? Or do you have another theory like maybe he did but came back or maybe he was sent to the future (today) seven years ago when my mom let him out.

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That has made my week man, glad you found your old turtle still alive and well.

He must of made himself a nice little home in your garden,
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How do you know its him? What if its a turtle imposter
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Hyde wroteHow do you know its him? What if its a turtle imposter

I died laughing out loud when I read this.

OT: Glad you found your lost bestfriend Mr. Turtle.
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Wow that's crazy man but all these years you've never seen him out there in your yard ?
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Maybe hes coming back to beat yo a** for not cleaning his cage.

jk that is amazing, If he did leave the fact that he remembered how to return after 7 years is crazy. Happy for you man
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How do you know it's him?

If it is congrats on finding him healthy and well!
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I love this
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I smiled
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Good to hear man,
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