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  • Christmas!
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Not a lot honestly, I will be stumbling within the hour. I just took a shot rn.
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IPv6 wroteNot a lot honestly, I will be stumbling within the hour. I just took a shot rn.

Same. I'm not gonna sit here and front, I am a lightweight for the most part haha.
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I don't drink often so i'm a lightweight. I have about 6 bottles of Budweiser and small bottle of vodka, I will be on my ass.after that.
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Depending on how tired I am, but usually 6-7 pinnical shots, unless Im drinking fire ball then its 5-6.
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well I lied it took a whole 5th
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I can have about 6-7 pints in the pub and that's me done after that
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  • Winter 2017
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I'd go down after 2 or 3 shots....
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  • Christmas!
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Quite a bit depending on my surroundings and the mood I'm in,
My usual go to is Drink a 12 pack before the bar, spend about $60 there and drink a 6 pack for the after party
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I've only really drank harder alcohol, not much beer or wine.
I also rarely drink... 3 or 4 shots and I'm starting to feel great.

~18-20 shots on new years was pretty much a blackout, partially waking up with what was probably alcohol poisoning throughout the night throwing up, and then blacking out again
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With me it depends on what I've eaten that day, and what time of day ive started drinking.. i'm a faily large lad so id say on average it'll take me 5-7 pints before I really feel tipsy..

Spirits however seem to work weird with my body, I can have 2 glasses of vodka and coke and be tipsy or I can have 5-7 and not feel anything..

Alcohol is a weird thing lmao
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