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I use the iPhone 7+
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I have an old iPad laying around somewhere, but the last time it was turned on? Jheeze i couldn't tell ya.

SHield tablet is much better and nicer t use.
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iMac 5k, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad 10.5, iPhone 7 Plus, and an Apple TV
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Tywin wroteiMac 5k, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad 10.5, iPhone 7 Plus, and an Apple TV

Take it you love apple haha
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Red Edition)
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPad 2
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iPhone is the only apple product I like
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iPhone, Mac, iPads, iPods. The lot.
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For apple products, I use a phone, laptop and my watch!

I have an iPhone 7, the series 1 apple watch sport, and a MacBook air from 2014 I believe it is.
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Iphone 7 plus Apple Watch V2 and the brand new Macbook
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The only apple product I use is an IPhone 7.
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