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Figured being stuck at 400 something tuts for a long ass time was long enough. Just wanted to hit 500 so I can be satisfied for now. Nothing fancy about this but am glad to be the first to hit 500 tuts that are approved. Back to the downloads I go. Special thanks to staff who never get tired of seeing my name on the pending submissions.

The Following 18 Users Say Thank You to Brigand For This Useful Post:

Miss (08-15-2017), Kixa (08-14-2017), Cory (08-14-2017), Gavin- (08-13-2017), Skates (08-13-2017), maDz (08-12-2017), Luke (08-12-2017), k3rry (08-12-2017), -Busolini- (08-12-2017), Echo (08-12-2017), Saki (08-12-2017), Xbox (08-12-2017), Mikey (08-12-2017), dah (08-12-2017), Kyle (08-12-2017), Guys (08-12-2017), 00 (08-12-2017), Decy (08-12-2017)
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Congrats on the milestone!
See you at your next one
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Congrats on 500 tutorials man thats quite a bit of tuts
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Congrats on this milestone

See you at your next one

P.S. You are a nerd
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Congrats bro
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Congrats on your 500 tut videos.
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Can you not just calm down a little bit on your subs so i have a chance to catch up please :p

Grats though
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Congrats on the massive milestone Brigand.

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Congrats Brigand on all those Tut's!, Onto 500 now
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