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Hi, so I don't clothes shop cause I don't like that. I have never really cared what I loozed like tbh.

Recently I had to buy jeans cause my old ones were getting worn out. And honestly it was like the first or second time I've ever gone clothes shopping. ( I'm 22 ) And, I really enjoyed it. The feeling of having new IMO good looking jeans was nice.

I'm not looking for like Gucci but I do want stuff like this
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I could just buy from this guy but most of the stuff is sold out and I really don't want his signature all over my clothes...

Just kinda looking for stylish, cool, dare I say " Swag" kinda clothes..

I'm not even sure what to search online lol
I've been reading some things on how to not look like trash bUT I just don't know where to shop now
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Only from the best.

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I read your topic title wrong

I read it as "Why do you have to buy clothes"

Okay so I buy my clothes from Top-man, Nike, Adidas.

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I usually use rage on. They have nice fabrics, and tons of cool designs, plus you can use images (large ones work best) and edit them or use the original and get them printed very nicely on some awesome frabic.
Here's on shirt I just found an image and put on.
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The colors are also really great I have a lot of colorful shirts from them and they are still very bright even though I've had them for over a year some longer
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camo hoodies are very easy to find. The only hoodie I remember seeing exactly like that is one of the anti social social club hoodies, but they are made from plain gildan hoodies if I remember right which is a waste of money.

try basic department stores such as H&M,Zara and topman etc.

I often like to wear graphic tee's of things i like and pair it with jeans,joggers or track pants.

Go to shoes are air force 1's or vans I'm not a sneakerhead though. Again I really do not care I could list a bunch of brands that have a lot of attention but they really don't offer form it's a brand.
I recommend using the app "depop" and the site "grailed" and just having a look around. You can find stuff your size and within your price range easily
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I usually buy from Nike, Adidas, Nautica, etc. Don't really have a "style", I like to throw on whateve I feel like wearing.
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I seen your post I usually buy from flannels jd sports adidas and Nike also replay jeans are pretty cool
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I buy my plain stuff from H&M, so the basics. I also get some shorts from matalan.

I'm into brands like supreme, palace, stussy and bape so try and get stuff when it releases or I save up and pay resale.

I get my shoes from JD sports most of the time.

Also have a look on depop or grailed, depending on where you live you can get stuff for cheap.
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I am slightly color blind. But this looks exactly like his hoodie... he also prolly has a million filters on his photo and the description says " GRAY camo hoodie "

Even the design is like the exact same..

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Edit: just went to and it's litterally a website to buy bulk clothes and sell out. It probably is his sweatshirt / where he gets them from.
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