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Just ordered a Trinity from him, everything went fast and he was very nice and helpful! Can't wait till it's here (:
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Vouched, just got my console and its in perfect condition except theres a crack at the top of the xbox but thats fine, thanks Streamah!
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How do we purchase? Looking to buy today. Also PM'd you
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Great guy. 100% legit. Hooked me up with halo edition trinity with a hdd and p/l. Strongly recommend him. Willing to make a deal with you on many items. Easy & Instant replies.
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Just picked up my console today! Cant wait to start using it ;) Dont hesitate to buy from streamah!
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Ordered my console, and am not disappointed. I got everything that I asked for, he even had pre-installed games on there ready to be played (I didn't ask for them) only downside to this service is the shipping. Ordered my console last Monday and just got it today...
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Please PM me interested in buying console have questions
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Excellent service! Do not hesitate to buy from him and be patient with updates, he'll get to you as soon as possible.
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The wife said she wants her closet back so were having a flash sale on working retail Xenon and Zephyr Xboxes!

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Xenon 20gb with powerbrick, controller and av cables 30$ + Shipping (Works 100%)
Zephyr 20gb with powerbrick, controller and hdmi cables 40$ + Shipping (Works 100%)
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Can you PM me I would like to talk about buying one
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