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  • Summer 2019
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Jay wroteSooo... What did you guys think of the Mid-Season finale?
I thought it was lit af. Negan showing his good/bad side haha.
That scene with spencer and Neagan the absolute savagery the saviours were ruthless in this episode and That scene when Daryl hugged rick
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  • E3 2017
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really love this show, sadly not really been into the new episodes but I've got to watch them sooner or later.
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For anyone who really likes Negan this is a great video and I have to thank Tywin for showing it to me.

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Jay wrote
13/02/17 UK date format

As The Walking Dead is back on again after mid-season break. I'm re-opening this discussion. As stated above please do not argue on each others opinions. This is specifically for TWD fans and it's viewers. So feel free to share your thoughts on each episode.


Reopening TWD discussion. It's time guys! It's back! And hopefully better than before haha. As stated on the topic page. Please do not abuse or flam this topic. Keep all TWD talk here!

See you guys on the other side

Rather me spam the topic.

Skr wroteWhen is it back on in the UK ?

Tonight buddy!

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When is it back on in the UK ?
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Can't wait for this, just trying to find a site to watch it on.
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Good episode really dissapointed ezekiel said no to linking up with the hilltop and Alexandria its gonna happen soon enough
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These next couple of episodes will really boost the story up for the season 7 finale. I think it ends with the war that was played out in the comics.
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This episode was classic TWD in my eyes. It had the much needed character development in the first 35 mins or so, but ended strong with a lot of action, keeping you wanting more for the next episode.
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  • Christmas!
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Good episode overall but the acting seemed really forced during the first half of the episode, maybe it's just me.
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