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I would take the car go to mums deal with Phill grab Liz go to the Winchester have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over or just steal a boat stock up on food and sit in the middle of the ocean.
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TBH i would die i have no chance
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I would dig a hole and never come out of it
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If you have that little to talk about that you have to ask them what they would do in a zombie appocalypse, you need to have more in common with your friends.

And if I were in a zombie apocalypse, I would make my base in a nuclear hideout bunker and just lock the door from the inside.
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Highest ground possible, defence weapon. A tank
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I'll prolly make my house similar to Will Smith's house in I Am Legend. Stock up on guns and ammos, have a chainsaw and katana on hand in case I run out of ammo.
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Would stay in my house with the little i got and just survive till they break in then wont have much to do then just accept fate... so yea pretty fun
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Id grab juggernog and a Bowie knife with for day 9 then change weapon lol
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I work at a casino, so I would go there. I would just take all the rifles from my home. It's a large building, I know my way around it. I have access to any room so I can get anywhere I need to. I'd live in the best suite in the hotel. It's right outside a city so there's plenty around to loot. I could make barricades out of all the slot machines.
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I would probably say my house as it is huge, and would be a good place to hold down, along with it having enough food, and weapons to keep safe.
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