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thanks man this post was actually very useful
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Come on Zef spell beginners correctly xD


PS - i love you <3
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Really like this post, really helpful. It's good to see some of my favourite artists on the list.

like Zef said, I would really recommend taking inspiration from other artists. It helps you to find your strong points and it shows you techniques that you wouldn't have thought of yourself. I'm not an amazing artist but I've improved loads since I started studying other artists.
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UPDATE LOG: May 15, 2015
  • Re-Organized Layout
  • Updated Graphics
  • Updated Examples
  • Updated Tutorials
  • Added "C.R.A.P Design" section
    ^ READ THIS ONE! ^
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yer is not bad like lad propa boyo post like propa gon help me get to sik gfx level
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Very interesting post! I do understand that taking feedback is esstential, my only question is what if you get feedback and you don't fully understand it or you don't know how to make the improvements? I Really do want to make a stab at this graphics
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im glad you did this bro it will be very very helpful for new members
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I've literally read over this post like five times!
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Good read,

i'll have a tip for some new designers, You may think your work is the best but everyone is better at something. Don't worry about what others think art is meant to be treated as self expression and the way you make a header or a signature is on you. Everyone has a different style and taste and not everyone is a god on the first try.
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Thanks this will help a lot of people!
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