Selling[USA] Rodent_Modz JTAG/RGH Shop "Trusted Seller" Est. 2012

Selling[USA] Rodent_Modz JTAG/RGH Shop "Trusted Seller" Est. 2012Posted:

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Status: Online
Joined: Jan 21, 201211Year Member
Posts: 9,753
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Status: Online
Joined: Jan 21, 201211Year Member
Posts: 9,753
Reputation Power: 9204
Life changes. Closing up shop soon. All supplies will be sold.

Have my Achi for sale here great deal


10 years here at The Tech Game
been doing consoles for 13+ Years

Jtags and RGH's are Back! All Consoles on Latest Dashboard 17559
Free Updates when you purchase Life time Tech support when needed

My Previous Shop shows how many Views and replies
Be sure to Check this out Chaotic360 Remastered Xbox 360 Multl
Chaotic360 Remastered Xbox 360 Multi- Games Modding Tool


Send-In Services:

Please specify which console and motherboard you have, Ring of Light color (RoL), and the type of service you would like. If you're not sure which console or motherboard you have, look under "Services" in my shop.

Falcon and Jasper RGH send in services $65 + shippping
Trinity RGH send in services $75+ shipping
Corona RGH send in Services $85+ shipping
Corona 4gb RGH send in services $95+ shipping
Dual nand send in services $275 to $350shipping cost included in price for US only

Please read shop before contacting me!
Send-in services still available!
Free Gift still with every purchase or send in!

General Information:

Looking for something specific? Feel free to contact me by sending me a PM.

Please DO NOT contact me if you are not ready to purchase! Any messages saying that you will buy in a couple weeks/months will be ignored, as I consider these types of messages spam. Serious buyers only!

Please contact me by PM or through TTG's IM system!
DO NOT e-mail me! It will be deleted as I consider this spam as well!

Sales Information:

Any international services or sales must be paid USD!

Reasons to buy from Rodent's Console shop:

Friendly service, fast shipping, and quality work ethic with over (12) years of experience!


Nasyr wrote Rodent_Modz is one of the most experienced entrepreneur's here on TheTechGame. Over a decade in experience working with Xbox systems in a way that has shaped a business for him in the long run. He provides a service that has been here on TTG for over half a decade, that is over half of TTG's existence to date. I can honestly say that you should not hesitate to deal with Rodent as he will support and provide the best services in this market for you. 10 out of 10, taking the expectations from other sellers to a new level.

ZeGoochie wrote 100% trustworthy. I paid him cash, he stayed in touch with me from the beginning to end. Now I will only work with him.


MainModder wrote He is the fastest out makes videos for your personal console allows you to see your custom led light up and shipping is like almost the next day would never go to anyone else Rodent is the man!!!

BadDecisions wrote 100% Legit Honest Seller Right Here! I had a lot of questions & he answered all of them! The Xbox arrived a bit exceeding my expectations! It was used but in excellent condition! It was packaged & bubble wrapped very well, if it wasn't for not having factory styrofoam or an actual factory box I would have thought it came off a production line from Microsoft itself! Just goes to show the pride & passion he puts into making these & making sure his customers are getting the best of the best!

& to top it off he makes a YouTube video after your Xbox is done with your name (Screen Name) & sends it to you!

Within a few hours of me sending payment, he informed me how long it would take & how many people were ahead of me! Very quick turn around time! Will definitely recommend others & friends to this guy!

Thank You Rodent_Modz


InkHype wrote Rodent_Modz.. He is and always will be the 1st person I go to, to buy from. This guy is fast responding, easy quick payments, and also easy quick shipping! He is my #1 Recommendation on
No one on this site could have a better business then him!

110% Has My FULL Vouch

Dexoned wrote Rodent_Modz you sir are 100% Legit, my console works GREAT! im very happy and im going to refer you to a moderator to get you your Trusted Seller badge :smile:

Great business man! 100% Legit and Fast!

( Took 1 day for shipping )

Starify wrote Looks like a neat shop. I feel that you're very Altruistic to the people that buy from you. I might be one of your future buyers in a couple of weeks.

You have my vouch buddy.
Thanks man much Appreciated Starify = Awesome

Monitorize wrote dang rodent the halo3 and halo reach consoles are looking mighty fine if only you had those up when I was buying I would of bought one in a heart beat for that kind of price. Anyway my current console is running amazing and he is providing support still after buying from him a couple months ago. thanks man. BTW when you gonna get your trusted seller badge?

TechGuyTTG wrote RodentModz is 100% Legit! He provides some pretty good consoles! He is very helpful and patient to his customers and other TTG members! He always go the extra mile to make sure a customer or TTG member is satisfyied! I think he deserves the trusted seller badge!!!

MrModz1999_Hosting wrote VERY LEGIT, and extremely fast shipping!

Thanks Rodent! :smile:

TTG_Fighop wrote This guy is 100% legit. seller!

Buy with confidence!

SurgeModding wrote RodentModz Is Verry Legit He Always Responds When Hes Not Busy Always Takes That Extra Step To Help His Customers

Sulfur wrote 100% legit, great shop!

Vogar wrote What an awesome guy, he's quick ad affordable!

Vox wrote Very legit seller and has great work, Will always vouch for him puts a'lot of time and energy in his consoles, Good luck selling :biggrin:

50th post

Drumstep wrote Totally legit, hopefully you get trusted seller someday :smile:

Carlooch wrote Rodent just purchased my personal console as I do not use it anymore. Transaction went smooth and it is safe to say that any business done with him will be the great.

PCP008 wrote Rockin the best US shop right now that's unstickied.
I'd trust my soldering iron with this man

TypicalNipl wrote This guy is hands down the best person to buy from, hes very professional and knows what hes doing. He even send me a video of him turning on the console showing it was working. I highly suggest buying from rodent

ryan65653 wrote I just bought multiple consoles and then I just bought a Xenon recently

Discrete wrote Best console seller on the site. He is also Fast, Easy, and Reliable.

Utzy wrote
Discrete wrote Best console seller on the site. He is also Fast, Easy, and Reliable.

That's the best 3 ways to describe him, well you can't forget awesome!

Streamah wrote Vouch for Rodent_Modz super easy to do business with. Communication was A+, services were A+ and overall my expectations were exceeded. Appreciate what ya do Rodent, and will continue to send business your way. Thank you for everything console is top notch. And last but not least, i got a badass PEN! Thank you again.

AcidicJalen wrote This guy is legit, he answered all of my questions, he was nice, and it was pretty cheap, he's got my couch any day

ConsolemodsCa wrote I've already vouched but had to chime in...Rodent you are always giving back to the community which is awesome, you have earned so much respect from myself doing the little things you do. I'm no one important and only one person, but imagine how many think like myself and don't come out and say it.

Keep up the good work

Justin_Jay wrote I sent in my console and it took 3 days to get there and two days to get here. he was with me the whole time. best seller on ttg defintally..

IXPiggy wrote Already left a vouch for Rodent but just thought id give an update after 7/8 months console still works flawlessly with absolutely no issues.

7 months later and Rodent is still killing the game, keep up the good work, and good luck on your awesome console shop

Beneath wrote I received my xbox one controller from Rodent in a couple days! Fast shipping and once I got the controller the first thing I did was try the modes and everything and it all works perfect. The best shop you want to go to if you want a great modded controller from Rodent. Best controller ever!

I've tried plenty of the modes and such and they all work great, you will not find a more professionally made modded controller than rodents! Very awesome.

Mr_Robot wrote The difference between Rodent and the other console modders out there is his customer service and his many years in the business. When you buy from him, you can be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy guy. I bought my rgh from him months ago and he is still helping me with it to this day. Do NOT hesitate to buy from him.

Thanks to the one and only; Rodent_Modz.

Dalm wrote Rodent is legit #1seller/trusted on TTG. Even when you aren't buying he gives great customer service!]
Glab to see you are updated again with the selling of JTAG/RGH's

#1 Trusted Seller on TTG, recommend to anyone

Bourne wrote Its nice to see your shop still up and running. This is the #1 trusted seller on TTG. I would do business with rodent 10/10 times.

Terms of Service:

In order to purchase from me, you must abide by these terms and conditions. Anyone failing to do so will be permanently BANNED from buying a console from me or using my services.

  • All sales are final! Meaning, if you change your mind after purchase, you CANNOT return the console.

  • I DO NOT accept trades!


  • Please note these consoles are NOT brand new unless stated otherwise. Most of these consoles can no longer be bought brand new, so some cosmetic damage is expected. It is entirely possible these consoles may have scratches, markings, gouges, and memory or USB flaps missing.

  • Due to busy a schedule, I DO NOT do RRoD (Red Ring of Death) repairs. The only repairs I do are DVD drive-related, wiring, or nand issues.

  • I DO NOT hold consoles. It's "first come, first serve". If you place an order, you MUST pay within twenty-four (24) hours or the console will be sold to someone else. I can not stress this enough!

  • For send-ins, if your console is not paid for in five (5) days, it will be sold due to non-payment!

My goal is to get the console back to you within seven (7) days.

Regarding Methods of Contact and Scammer Warnings:

I DO NOT use outside contact methods! That means NO Skype, Kik, Twitter, Google Talk, or Facebook. So, please, DO NOT ask! The only way I do business is through PMs on TheTechGame! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

If you get scammed by someone saying it's me, it's your own fault because you didn't read my shop contacts! PM is the best way to double-check with me before making payment. If you fail to read what's posted in my shop, it's not my fault if you get scammed.

Shipping Information:

Shipping Costs

Shipping USPS 2-3 Days
Medium Flat Rate $18
Large Flat Rate $25

Shipping USPS Canada 6-10 days
Medium Flat Rate $70
Large Flat Rate $85

Shipping USPS UK 6-10 days
Medium Flat Rate $95
Large Flat Rate $105

Shipping USPS Australia 6-10 days
Medium Flat Rate $95
Large Flat Rate $105

Shop Stock

  • Controller Parts
  • Phat RoL (Ring of Light) Boards $10 - any colour

  • Slim RoL (Ring of Light) Boards $15 - any colour

  • HDDs for Phat and Slim Consoles
    - 20GB $25
    - 60GB $45
    - 120GB $55
    - 250GB $85(slims only)
    (Contact for pricing on larger HDDs)

    (If you don't see what you're looking for here, contact me. I'm sure I have what you need.)

coming soon price updates
Jasper Jtag Package New in box [In Stock] $600 + shipping very rare hard to find (SOLD 3/5/2022)
Jasper RGH Consoles only [in stock] $200 + shipping
Slim RGH Consoles only [in stock]$225 + shipping Trinity console only is $250+ shipping
360 E RGH Consoles only [In stock]$200+ shipping
Dual Nand Console only Retail , RGH all in one all in one console PHAT OR SLIM $300+ shipping for Phats
Slims are $375+ shipping
Triple nand Trinity for sale Contact me for Details and proof!

(+$40 for Power Brick and AV Cables)

Choose your own RoL LEDs

All modded RoL Boards and consoles come with Error LEDs


Now offering Xbox One LED mods ($25 + shipping cost)

Retail Custom Console
Custom Fan Mods
Consoles with sound-activated LEDs


- LED Installs

- Repairs and Laser replacement

- DVD Drive replacement

- Free 12v Fan Mod for better cooling

- DVD Key Retrieval

- Ring of Light (RoL)

- Case Cutouts and Painted Cases for any type of console
(Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Gamecube, Wii, etc.)

- Xbox One LED Mods

- Xbod One Laser Replacement or DVD Drive Replacements

- Xbox One HDD Upgrades or Replacements

-PS3 Consoles

- PS3 Services

- PS4 LED Mods (in progress)

- PS4 HDD Upgrades or Replacements

Cutouts are $45 - $95 depending on the design you want. Plexiglass installed
painted case price will vary from $45 - $75 depending on colors you want

Rapid fire controllers PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox one/PS4

Dvd drive replacements/Extract Dvd keys from Xbox 360

original Xbox's , Wii. PSP.

can repair 80% of these consoles and More.

Not just about Xbox If i do not know i will find out how to.

from RROD issues, TO YLOD, and more.

NES Mini mods.


Cut outs and more. expanding my shop this spring.

Coming also PS4 and Xbox one's when avalible

(If you have questions about pricing, please contact me.)

Please specify what motherboard you have when contacting me with question.
Details can be found in the images below.

New Xbox one Rapid Fire coming to the shop your choice of led for button, and will list all options that this controller can do some images of my install can send your controller in or purchase one from me Contact me by Pm as for the S controllers they can not be done at this time prices will start around $95 and up + shipping

this is a corona i did with a Matrix Glitcher V3 you can see the post out board

here is one with a CR3 Lite on 4gb nand console

here is with a Mega chip on a 4gb Nand console corona

Picture of a 4gb nand console with the post out installed if needed not all consoles need this but you need to check for it to see if it does

With Ace V3 installed

this is when you get really good with a rev c and aftermarket adaptor board

start of this weekend is a Xbox 360 E console proof pics of his console that he sent in to me! Customers want to see what they are getting and the quality of work they get then there is no question about how good of job was done internally

XeX_Static Console
One of the harder consoles to RGH this is a newer XBOX360 Winbond 2KB Ram W64 console installed CR4xl

triple nand install

PS3 Downgrade

After purchase, don't forget to submit feedback if you would expect support!

No Feedback = No Support!

Special thanks to Mortar for the GFX!


Also, thanks to Reconcile for the shop's visual overhaul.

Become a Gold Member!
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Help show your support and get your TTG T-Shirt
The Tech Game T-Shirts

Thank you all for looking & Thank you to all who Have thanked post !
Members and Customers of The Tech Game Make me a Great Seller!

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  • Gold Gifter
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a very good guy, trusted, GLWS
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  • Christmas!
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I have personally done business with Rodent many times. If you need anything hit this man up.
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  • Rated Awesome
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Done business with Rodent in the past, extremely nice guy and extremely trustworthy.

Good luck with your shop bud.
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  • TTG Undisputed
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Great guy, trustworthy seller A+ got my vouch
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  • 2 Million
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Mr. Rodent is a high quality and caring seller. To great success on this thread also 3333ch
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It hardly even needs saying that I trust this guy 100%. Literally have left him with $100s of my money with no recourse if he wanted to scam and he's still 100% honest and did exactly what we agreed upon. Have ZERO fear doing business with Rodent.
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  • V5 Launch
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I have bought stuff from Rodent_modz before. Great guy!

I trust him, and he responds very fast!

Good luck man!
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Hands down best person I've met here.
He does one hell of a job customizing consoles! Keep up the good work Rodent
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