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AR15 wrote
XBL-ModdedGamings wroteI have seen the person above me in the GTA sections some times i think Thanks buddy !

I have never seen you around the site until JUST now. But, seeing as you are new here, maybe that is why.

And I get stuck with Mr. AR15. Ive seen you a ton, Like from march to now. 10/10.
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I've seen you around a couple times but we've never spoken :/
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I haven't really seen you around
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TkOShifTZ wroteLatency! 9/10!!

I see you around here all the time, you've commented on a few off my posts, sadly I'm not popular yet but I will be soon!

Awe this really made my night.
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seen you around the site a little mostly general discussion and milestone & achievements
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Pretty damn popular considering he hasn't been here 1 year
yet and he already has 4,000 Posts & 158 Rep.

I see this Member mostly around the General Discussion
as well as the Milestone & Achievement section.
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Seen you a few times so pretty popular
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-EST wroteSeen you a few times so pretty popular

havent really heard of ya but maybe one day i will
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never seen you

1/10 20202020
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1johnn1 wrotenever seen you

1/10 20202020

I no I've seen you before oh right the creator of this game xD
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