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I just joined although it took me a little while.
All the usernames I tried were taken. 0_o

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nice! definitely will join it!
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MaGiiK_Studios is now a proud member!
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I have joined under the name of TTG_Katsumi. This is a pretty good idea in my opinion, it will make it easy for members to hook up and play together. I look forward to the shenanigans zilla and the gang come up with.
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I just joined! Excited for the game!

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Im about to join this, we will be on top!!
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about to join, should be fun
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cant wait we are going to own every other gang.
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Makes it own crew....99% chance of being inactive just wanted a a crew to ad ttg? or will you all use it and invite real members?
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Just joined, Looking forward to GTA V! My Social club account is XblZephria if anyone wants to add me.
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