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Ordered my Samsung Galaxy s4 last night off verizon.

They don't have a 32gb version, only have a 16gb but you can use a SD card to expand it to 64gb
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I've got the Droid Razr M, pretty nice phone in my opinion
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HTC Rezoud.

Nice little phone, absolute terrible battery life.
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I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 rooted with Cyanogen Mod
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I have a old Xperia play I only use it for games now because I have a IPhone 4S now
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Samsung Galaxy Ace, second year with it I hate it.
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No Andriod. All apple products. Apple is better.
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If you asked me this the day this thread was made, I would have said a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, as I bought it that day, as my first Android Smartphone. But currently, it's a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, which is bought 4 months ago, during February for 160. :-) Loving it, and haven't found ANY faults so far, except the fact that the Jellybean update it taking too damn long to arrive for it! However, I can't blame that on the phone!
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I have a rooted Galaxy S3 running the hyperdrive rom and I LOVE it. Does everything i could ever need and its amazing!!
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Motorola Droid razr Maxx HD
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