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i got a sumsung galaxy 2 love it to bits
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I have the Samsung Captivate.

Just recently bought it, great phone, not too good battery life.

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HTC Sensation XL, proabably 'one' of the best phones out....

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I have a Samsung Infuse.
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Just got a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch i love it
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Pipboy_3000 wrotei haz iphoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

you blind or just plain retarded? this is the ANDROID forum. sooo GTFO
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I have the LG Vortex.. It's a pretty good phone, it's not that new but i like it
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i have the HTC Thunderbolt. When you root, it is amazing
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I have the Samsung Fascinate, not the fanciest, but I love it!
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I got the Motorola Bionic, it's awesome. 1080p 8MP camera, Dual core processor.
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