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EzGt 2.2

Download Name: EzGt 2.2  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: EzGt 2.2

Submitted By: Sean

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EzGt 2.2 allows you to mod your gamertag on call of duty and add colors and button to you gamertag you can also change your gamertag to whatever you want and put whatever you want EzGt 2.2 is very easy to use for new modders

EzGt 2.2 tutorial

1. Download EzGt 2.2
2. Plug your HDD into your computer via xsata or transfer cable.
3. Open xport360 or xplorer and go to partition 3 > content > ( your profile )
4. Once found copy your profile to your desktop by going into the folder starting with an F (forgot the rest ) then into the 0001000 folder and then dragging the file in there which is your profile.
5. Right click it and press copy and paste it into your documents or somewhere else it can be easily found. This is your copy just in case you screw up.
6. Now open up ezGT 2.2 and press the "open" button.
7. Now select your profile that was moved to the desktop.
8. It should load up now you can change the name around or press one of the icons above the name bar to see more things such as adding buttons or color.
9. Once done press "save" and then select your save destination to be your desktop.
10. Now there should be a new folder on your desktop.
11. Open back up xport360 and go to the content section Do not select an account!
12. Drag your newly obtained folder into the content section and then it should be saved in there.
13. Once it is there go put your HDD back into your xbox and go to sign in ( or switch profile if you are already signed in ) and select the new profile put onto your HDD.
14. Start up MW2 and go to multiplayer and then click the x box live button and it should tell you that you can not play with that account.
15. Hold the middle button on the controller so your menu pops up and go to sign in and select your REAL profile.
16. It should load up with your new modded gamer tag. Now if it does you are done! If not you are screwed!
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Usernumber123 How do I download? please tell me

It says download at the bottom, it doesn't work though


How do I download? please tell me


Man, I remember using this on MW2. Those were the days.


Would anyone if This would work for black ops 3?


XchaostherulerX you dont need backup you can delete file off your xbox and download it again

Yeah but this hasn't worked in ages.


you dont need backup you can delete file off your xbox and download it again


I have selected the icons and colours and save it... I put it back in my Xbox 360 and it says it's corrupted (???). Thank god, i had a backup :D


C00KIEZZZ does this still work?

It's still working, but patched.


This no longer works. So why is it here?


does this still work?