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dosfsck : Check and repair disk from your DS

Download Name: dosfsck : Check and repair disk from your DS  

Category: Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Utilities

Author: gh0st

Submitted By: r00t

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Here is a little tool to check and repair your microSD from your DS Slot.It's a stripped down DSLinux that sole function is to automatically run dosfsck via a menu. So you need an expansion pack for memory in slot 2.It was tested first on a Supercard SD ( by sonny_jim the original packer ), on a R4 ( by pas ) and now also on a Cyclo EVO ( with a slot2 G6 lite as expansion pack ) by me but in theory it should work on anything that supports DLDI but without expansion pack it will crash.Thanks to FAST6191 for pointing to the relevant thread made by sonny_jimEnjoy and feel free to report problems or to give feedback if it works fine with a different expansion pack ;-)
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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