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Skyrim Character Editor

Download Name: Skyrim Character Editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Seicaratteri

Submitted By: Zenhance

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One of the BEST and FIRST Skyrim editors ever made! This can be used to mod xbox 360 games if you have skyrim for PC


- 16-11-2011: released first version (1.0)

- 20-11-2011: released second version (1.1):
. Added perks counter
. Added english translation

- 21-11-2011: released third version (1.2):
. Added perks multiselection
. Now, if you press ENTER you will add perks to 'to add' list
. Now, if you press SHIFT+ENTER you will add perks to 'to remove' list

- 21-11-2011: released fourth version (1.3):
. Now you can change race, name and aspect of your character
. Now you can add: weapons, agic weaons, arrows, dards, light armors (boots, helmets, gauntlets, ect), heavy armor (boots, helmets, gauntlets, shields, ect), artefacts (unique items in game), potions and food

- 10-12-2011: released fifth version (1.4):
. Fixed carry weight bug
. Fixed nightngale armor bug
. Added shouts
. Now you can modify number of the dragon souls you have
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xDARKxN1NJA this is for xbox,correct?

Read the **** text

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"Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools" Probably, you have to read the text too ;)
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awesome dude thanks for this download :)


thanks c'eest tres gentil


This program makes bat files so if you're trying to get a bunch of codes for a modding service its 10x easier... So technically it can be used for both.


Awesome...simply as that.. saved me a lot of work for modding my chars! Thanks man!


can you make this so it can be used for xbox


TTG_trololol this is for pc... notice there's no way to open a file? and notice when you hit save, it says something about making a text file and moving it into your skyrim folder and loading it into the game and press the tidle "`" key or somethin to open it, in the description you said it was for xbox, so good job kid...
oh wait im sorry, it said to mod xbox saves if you have a pc, well here's a question, why was this made? if i wanted to mod an xbox save with my pc, i'd use console commands, and i think people are looking for THE XBOX GAME SAVE EDITOR, WITHOUT USING YOUR PC, FOR EXAMPLE, OPEN AN XBOX SAVE, EDIT IT, SAVE, REHASH, AND RESIGN, PUT IT BACK ON YOUR XBOX, I THINK IF WE HAD THE GAME FOR OUR PC'S WE WOULDNT EVEN BE LOOKING THIS STUFF UP, WE ALL WANT AN XBOX EDITOR THAT DOESNT INVOLVE THE PC VERSION OF THE GAME WHAT SO EVER.

My computer sucks so bad graphics wise I cant load a skyrim save file. So to simply use the console that PC has isnt an option. I get it the solution is to upgrade the computer, working on that. However people arent very friendly to shipping to Afghanistan. Wonderful thing being stuck in a third world country.


xDARKxN1NJA this is for xbox,correct?

Read the **** text

"Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools" Probably, you have to read the text too ;)


If you're looking for a 360 editor, just move on. This isn't actually an editor; editors alter existing files, while this thing just creates new character files for the PC game. You could create a character file for your PC game, then modify the file so your 360 or PS3 will accept it, and go from there. Or, you could use the console already in place in the PC version of the game. Move along.


this is for pc. notice that if you click on one of the tabs, it tells you to place it in a file on your computer to get it to work.