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Condemned 2 Hard Saves

Download Name: Condemned 2 Hard Saves  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Last checkpoint for the SCU level on HARD.

Resign Save and go to single player and continue game on SCU level.

Follow the cop through the various doors and you eventually come to a stop and he will say something
along the lines of "Wheres the exit?"

After that the screen will go black and you won't be able to see or do anything for a few seconds.

When you regain control you should be able to see a door to your right, run to it and shoot the sack
haging from the ceiling then hide in the corner straight in front of you that has a desk on its side
against a door.

Turn around so you can get a good view of the door you just came in and another exit to the left.

About five demon things will attack you a few seconds apart from each other. Most will come from the left
but they only take one shot from the assult rifle to kill them. This is the only hard part of this save.

After the fith one is dead the screen will start going black again and you collapse.

You awake in a room on a lab table. Get up and do as instructed, find the office. As you leave the lab turn
left and go down the corridor to the left and get in the lift. Start the lift.

When the lift doors open you need to go straight down the corridor, the office you need is on the right in
the far corner.

Answer the questions any way you want, once he's finished talking the achievement should pop.
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