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Dragon Fantasy Book 2 - Capture, Bounty and Craft

Download Name: Dragon Fantasy Book 2 - Capture, Bounty and Craft  

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For Crafter, Craftier, Craftiest and Master Craftsman, just head to the item shop (You'll start in Tundaria, so the item shop here will be to the far left) and craft anything at the crafting table.

To get Gotcha, Capturer, Trapper, and You Just Gotta, head to the Dragon's Peak (just north of Tundaria, and find a doppleganger (green versions of the David Elfbowie monsters with wings) and use a Deluxe Net on one of them. They shouldn't be too hard to find.

Now, for Bounty Hunter, Good Bounty and Bounty. Hunted, go down the stairs to the left of the two large bookshelves and head out the exit. Head to the left and enter the building with a guard in front of it. To the right will be a guy at a desk with three books. Turn in the bounty and you'll get the trophies.
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