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Death Track Resurrection - Kills and Wins

Download Name: Death Track Resurrection - Kills and Wins  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Game Save

Submitted By: Sean

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-"Pro"(50 wins online) - Host a game and make setting custom with 2 players. Get second player to quit. Host gets win and trophy will unlock after 60 seconds
-"Victor"(100 wins total) -win one race in any game mode and trophy will unlock
-"Maniac"(get 500 kills) -get one kill in any gamemode and trophy will unlock
-"Apostle"(Get 50 arcangels) - get one archangle in any game mode and trophy will unlock
-"Devil"(get 50 megakillers) -get one megakiller in any game mode and trophy will unlock
-"Stuntman" -(75000 points) Pick the level Paris in quick race. At start wait till the 10 seconds for the weapons to activate. Shoot first building for 5x multiplier. Then boost till you hit the ramp in middle and push right stick top left to do a stunt. Do two spins and land on all four wheels. (make sure you stop boosting before you take off the ramp or you wont get 75000 air points)

- "Cautious" - play one race without hitting any mines or spikes. Can be done online
This save is uploaded by crischevelle572
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