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Dead Space 3 - Intestinal Fortitude

Download Name: Dead Space 3 - Intestinal Fortitude  

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Chapter 12: Load the save and take the elevator to get you out of the facility as soon you exit elevator, you'll see ur friends
are being arrested a cutscene will start, as soon it over the [MIND HIVE]monester will show and as he looks huge the fact you
can get done of him in less than 4 minutes if following my guide in here

► He will start the fight using his long legs to strike you just roll away the opposite side of his strike
► this will triger him to spit an orange blobs you need to shoot them all fast if not it will hatches black feeders.
► during this, you 'll have to shoot the HIVE MIND large yellow heart. this will triger him to suck you towards his mouth.
► while you're being sucked shoot the four yellow sacks around its mouth he will let go of you. repeat this process few times
► Finally he will suck you for real this time & you'll be inside of his stomach, there are 3 tenticle nests u need to shoot
► each nest will fire sort of explosive organs avoid them take all of the 3 nests down and the monester will spit u out.
Done .... you have defeated him.
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