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[US] Mega Man X Legacy Collection: Mega Man X4 A Couple Trophies

Download Name: [US] Mega Man X Legacy Collection: Mega Man X4 A Couple Trophies [CUSA10785]  

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Submitted By: Sean

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You can use this save to get a couple of missable or time consuming trophies quickly.

Pew Pew: First go ahead and pick Frost Walrus' stage to work on the other trophy as well. Charge and fire the Aiming Laser at the first enemy you can and this trophy should pop.

Fully Charged: The reason I told you to pick Frost Walrus' stage is because the beginning of it has a hidden cache with tons of large energy capsules, a couple of large weapon energy caps, and an extra life. Climb the leftmost wall and use the lightning web to just over to the opposite wall and over tunnel you'd normally go through. Use it again at the first roadblock wall to climb over it for a free life and even more energy then exit out and repeat until your sub tanks, w tank, lives, and current energy are full and the trophy will pop.

It's worth noting that this save hasn't had rookie hunter mode enabled either so if you finish it out with X you can earn It's Definately Over, True Hero, and Tragic Destiny as well. However neither The Fourth Armor nor He Brought Fists To A Mech Fight can be earned due to all of the armor already having been collected and Magma Dragoon already being defeated but those two can be wrapped up quickly in a seperate file with Rookie Hunter on.
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