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[EU] Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legend (Platinum Save)

Download Name: [EU] Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legend (Platinum Save)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

this is a save for Dynasty Warriors 7 xtreme legends
whit this save you get 93% of the trophies.

load the save and enter in legend mode you get:
Up for a Challenge (Bronze)
Savvy Politician (Bronze)
Always Thinking (Bronze)
Trader (Bronze)
Imperial Protector (Silver)

when you're in legend mode speak to the merchant and you get:
Master Trader (Bronze)

always in legend mode push start button , go to titles ,and you get:
Decorated Officer (Bronze)
Rising Dragon (Bronze)
War Hero (Bronze)
Outcast Hero (Bronze)
Lord of the Three Kingdoms (Gold)

go into the gallery menu, just open characters page and you get:
Hit with the Ladies (Bronze)
It's Raining Men (Bronze)
Worshipped by All (Silver)
Perfection (Bronze)

always in gallery menu go to weapon page and you get:
Anarchist (Bronze)
Breaker of Bedlam (Bronze)
Master of Chaos (Silver)
Sleepwalker (Bronze)
Survivor (Bronze)
Legendary Warrior (Silver)
Weapons Master (Gold)

always in gallery menu go to event,just play one movie and you get:
Connoisseur (Bronze)
in gallery menu go to wallpaper and you get:
Home Decorator (Bronze)

in legend mode select Liu Bei as playable character push start and go to titles and you get:
King of Shu (Bronze)
than select Sun Jian,hit start, go to titles and you get:
King of Wu (Bronze)
than select Cao Cao,go to titles and you get:
King of Wei (Bronze)
than select Sima Zhao , go to titles and you get:
King of Jin (Bronze)

in legend mode just play one classic stage and one legendary stage to earn:
Classicist (Bronze)
Legendary Hero (Bronze)
Millionaire (Bronze)
Battle-hardened Veteran (Silver)

in legend mode just play one battle on chaos difficulty and one on nightmare difficulty and you get:
Into Chaos (Bronze)
The Nightmare Begins (Bronze)

in legend mode use a siege weapon and just kill one enemy to earn:
Siege Weapon Master (Bronze)
found siege weapon in "Battle of Taoyang"

go to challenge just play all challenge type (rampage,melee,speed run,arena)and you get:
Rampage (Bronze)
Bridge Melee (Bronze)
Speed Run (Bronze)
Champion (Bronze)
King of the Hill (Bronze)
First Past the Post (Bronze)
Gladiator (Bronze)
Best of the Best (Silver)
you don't need to win a challenge!just play it!

you have to do by your own
Army of One (Bronze)
Defeated 1000 enemies in one Legend Mode battle.
Unrivaled Warrior (Bronze)
Defeated 3000 enemies in one Legend Mode battle.
you can do this on Diao Chan's level, The Assassination of Dong Zhuo. There is an infinite spawn of enemies from the bottom left corner of the map, and as long as you haven't opened the door to Dong Zhuo the other NPC won't be killed whilst you are doing this.
Beloved Ruler (Bronze)
Town atmosphere became Friendly in Legend Mode.
After you've chosen an Adjutant (the person you choose gets stat points slowly as you play levels, but otherwise serves no purpose other than moral support) and clear 6 stages with them, then after every stage you clear you have a 15% chance of the town's atmosphere changing to Friendly (purple). Until then, it will switch between Carefree (blue) and Orderly (green). Once it's Friendly, talk to the Adjutant and they will say something about how close friends you are (or how much they are in love with you if you're the opposite gender), and give you a random skill point book. You can see the atmosphere of your town in the upper left corner of the screen.
Black Belt (Bronze)
Executed a combo involving Normal, Strong, EX, and Musou 1 Attacks and a Weapon Switch.
Martial Artist (Bronze)
Achieved 5 consecutive growth item power-ups by executing combos.
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The trophies for reaching first place in the challlenges did not unlock

Edit: My mistake you need to complete the challenge well enough to obtain a rank to get the first place trophy