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Dungeon Siege III (Save Set)

Download Name: Dungeon Siege III (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This is my work and save files that I wanted to share with the community. They are tested and working using Xploder.

• This thread contains many spoilers.
• This is not a platinum save set. You still need to play the campaign at least ones, to achieve story related trophies. You also need to get the online trophies legit and also the trophies related to killing bosses in specific ways.
• You do not need DLC for the save files to work.

Walkthrough: use the indicated save file to get desired trophy;

• Liberator: This is the final side quest in the game near the end (and missable trophy) but I am mentioning this first because it is essential for the Perfectionist trophy and you should know when to use it if you want your trophies to look “legit”. Just finish the active quest liberating the nobles along the way and you will get Liberator.
• Archon Adept: As soon as you load the game you will be surrounded by enemies, kill them and you will reach level 20 as Anjali and getting Archon Adept. Go to item menu and change the staff to a blue colored one to get Show Off (if you didn’t get this one during your playthrough for any reason).
• Loremaster: Facing the court, in the room on your left, there are 3 books on the tables activate them and you will have the trophy for discovering 60 lore entries.
• Maximum Charisma: As soon as you load, you will be facing Warbeast (boss). This is done on casual difficulty so you shouldn’t be having any problem defeating it. Kill the beast, when back talking to the queen, pick the nicer options then chose (yes, I’ll try) when she asks you to spare Jeyne, for this you will get Royalist Ally (missable). By the end of the conversation you will get Maximum Charisma and Long Live the Queen.
• Circle of Friends: You will be in a small room with 2 doors. The first door is open and the second is closed. Stand in front of the (first door) and press R1, and the door will reopen. You will get the trophy for influence on all three companions.
• View From the Top: Go out and kill some enemies and you will reach level 30 soon, and getting View From the Top. You can also use this save to help someone (or send the game to another person and help yourself) with the Helping Hand trophy as Lucas has empowered defensive ability.
• Fiery Judgment: You will be facing the end boss, kill him to finish the game as Anjali.
• Epic Scholarship: Kill some enemies and you will reach level 20 as Reinhart. This is done on hardcore. You can lower the difficulty if you are facing any problems.
• The Calculus of Victory: Defeat the end boss and you will get The Calculus of Victory for finishing the game as Reinhardt, Worthy of Legend for finishing the game on hardcore, and Perfectionist for completing all main and side quests.
• Two Perfect Tens: Sorry for this one, you have to defeat the dapper old gent and it jumps from level 18 to level 20 as Katarina, but it is a good place to try out Archambaud's Anathema if you missed it in your playthrough.
• Lock, Stock, and Invocation: For finishing the game as Katarina and possibly Perfectionist.
• Guardian Legend: Level 20 as Lucas.
• Guardian of Ehb: For finishing the game as Lucas and possibly Perfectionist.

Tips and mini guide:

• Using the save set will net you 19 trophies and playing the campaign you will have another 6 trophies.
• Play your campaign offline and DO NOT use a companion you don’t have yet or you might miss the We Are Legion trophy.
• Playing campaign the only side quest you HAVE to play is Gunderic Manor which you will get from Leona after clearing the Stormsong Cavern. In the manor save before fighting the boss there (Lord Gunderic), once outside Leona will ask you about the manor, let her keep it (for now) for the Legion Caretaker trophy, reload your save kill the boss again and now chose to give her the manor for the Lescanzi Ally trophy.
• As soon as you have a companion I recommend using another controller and play “co-op”. Leave P2 to be idle (but turn power save option off). The P2 will follow and fight by itself. Whenever there is a conversation; first select with P2 what you want to choose and agree with your main. Do this 20 times for Of One Mind. Later select with P2 anything but the one you want (disagree) then choose with your main. Do this 20 times for Rivalry.
• Whenever you are tired and don’t feel like playing ^_^ and if you are in an enemy free area, while your second controller is logged in and playing “co-op” rubber-band both so they run in circles and leave them for 3 hours for the Nerds Hate Sunlight trophy.
• I recommend either using Lucas or Katarina in your playthrough; either way make sure to have high agility and attack. Use your abilities a lot and you will naturally inflect 100,000 point of damage for the Enduring Champion.
• The Merchant of Ehb trophy description is misleading or incomplete. You have to sell 100,000 coins worth AND buy 250,000 worth of coins of items for the trophy to pop. You will know you did it as you will gain “dead” for each act.
• You have 4 main bosses in the game; Rajani, The Dapper Old Gent, Jeyne and the Reborn God. (Two of them you have the saves already from the set). For Rajani make sure to equip an item and/or weapons with Vampire stats, and never heal yourself for the Rajani's Rival trophy. You have a save just before fighting the Old Gent (Katarina level 20 save). After loading the save, use Anjali as your companion and play offline co-op, wait until the AI take over then go for the fight. Don’t let Anjali die (when you defeat the boss) and you will have Two Girls, One Boss. During the fight kill 50 of the Automatons before killing the boss and you will get Archambaud's Anathema. You will fight Jeyen 3 times in a raw (different locations). In your second fight, you will encounter her with two of her handmaids. Ignore handmaids (if they die, reload) and focus only on her, when done enough damage she will flee and you will get Moment of Solace. Finally with the end boss, try not to die (and not be revived) and you will get Flawless Victory. The fight is pretty easy and I didn’t die even on hardcore. In first phase, kill the archons fast and dodge the boss’s projectile attack and focus on his hand. In the next phase, never fight, just dodge-role on the edge of map evading all the enemies then the boss will suck them up and pass out, huh?. Run and hit his head until he wakes up, rinse and repeat until you defeat him. I have 2 final boss fights one with Lucas and another with Reinhart, use one of the saves and combine both characters (make sure the companion is alive when you defeat the boss) and you will get Maximum Bro Fist. Pick an easy boss fight (the old gent) and use ONLY your basic items and weapons provided by the game (you can’t sell those and have 0 sell value) and defeat the boss. You will get I Could Do This Blindfolded.
• You can start a new game for this and will take a very short time; while playing with 2 controllers, invite a buddy that playing with 2 controllers too (4 in total), and make sure you are about to have a conversation with 4 options. Make each select a different option (all different) then finally with your main select another option (as mentioned all have to be different than the other) and you will get Military Intelligence. Next make them all choose the same option and you with your main agree with them and you will get Jinx. Continue playing a bit until leveling up and you will get Fellowship of the Ding.
• Final task; invite 3 other players, or join an online game near the end with 3 others and defeat final boss for Party of Four trophy.
Congrats, you got another platinum.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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