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Dungeon Defenders (Save Set)

Download Name: Dungeon Defenders (Save Set)  

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Guide for how to unlock the trophies
(Instead of reading all in spoiler, just know that doing a level in each of the four sections will pop a large majority of the trophies and also you have to redo all the challenge trophies)
edit: All trophies will pop (eventually) except trophies relating to Survival, Challenges, and Story Related trophies- but the story trophies can be unlocked very easily!
edit: to unlock the Survival trophies, simply get to wave 20 on hard, and wave 10 on insane for all four. Or you can do it they way they ask you to. When you go into Custom Matches, hit R2, R3, R2 then start. Only matches with Survival should show up. If you get lucky, you might join at wave 19 or 14 and get the trophy quickly.

If you beat one challenge you will get "A Challenger Approaches".

If you beat any story level, you will get "Dungeon Crawler", "Dungeon Raider", and "Dungeon Defender".

If you beat an area 1 story level, you will also get "From the Depths", "The Belly of the Beast", and "From Fire with Brimstone".

If you beat an area 2 story level, you will also get "To the Rooftops", "The Body of the Beast", and "Through the Crowded Keep"

If you beat an area 3 story level, you will also get "A Taste of Victory", "The Crown of the Beast", and "To the Lofty Summit".

These trophies, I am unsure about, however I am 90% positive they will pop.

Play a level on Pure Strategy and get to wave 10 on at least medium difficulty, "Defense is the Best Offense" will pop. [edit: this will eventu

Earn Flawless Victory award on at least Medium difficulty, "Perfectionist" will pop.

Earn Skin of your Teeth award, "Daredevil" will pop.

Earn Master Strategist award, "Mastermind"

Earn Gunslinger award, "Brute Force"

Earn the Lord award on at least medium difficulty, "True Nobility"

Complete a level with four active players, "Team Effort"

Buy a pet off the tavern keeper, "Catch 'em All"

Earn one mana, "Master Banker" (spend one mana first)

Beat Summit, "A Matter of Perspective"

Next, these are trophies that you can get easily with this save.

Group Hug
Originally Posted by ZeroSasurai
You don't have to respec all the characters for group hug. Just respec the monk and then switch to another character and it will pop.

"Pupil", "Veteran", and "Defender of Etheria" will pop by going to any character above level 70, go to tavern keep and hit R1. then choose respec character and just tap X like mad until you don't have anymore points.

Smithy - simply pick up/ buy a weapon and upgrade it until you can't upgrade it anymore.
And This is my Weapon - same as smithy.
Obedience Training - Same as Smithy, but with a pet.
(For the above Smithy and Obedience Training, the higher amount of upgrades it has, the longer it'll take...)

O Mighty Smiter - On the monk, you need to drop the godly enchanted pristine cap, godly enchanted pristine gloves, and goldy enchanted pristine vest. Then switch to any character at least level 78 (mickey, inferno, or elora) and equip those three pieces. Now if you go to the item box and scroll to page 13, there will be godly enchanted pristine boots. After equipping that, it should pop.

Divine Intention - by doing O Mighty Smiter, this should pop.

To get all the challenge trophies you have to redo each one again. And for the level trophies just do one from each category on insane and it will unlock all the difficulty required trophies.
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