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Dragon Ball Z: HD Collection (Save Set)

Download Name: Dragon Ball Z: HD Collection (Save Set)  

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first of all the story saves are made at last checkpoint can be made you just have to win fights till the chapter end and you will get the trophy

Special Beam Cannon

Intensive Training


Super Saiyan

Beat The Illness

Fusion With Kami

Super Saiyan 2

Focus Your Ki!
go to story and choose a mutually deadly foe and win then charge the Ki

Saibaman Hunter
go to story and choose super attack and win the 2 matches

Saiyan Saga Clear
this one is little bit tricky,you need to win 3 fights with same continuous health,so try to be more to defencive and don't rush to much,its not hard but not easy aswell

Budokai Team Frieza
go to story then change to namakian story mode and choose vegeta's attack !,just win the 2 matches

Namekian Saga Clear
go to the namakian story and choose the true ruler and win the fight

Budokai Team Android
go to android story and choose a perfect form and win the fight

Android Saga Complete
go to android story and select a cold blooded assassin and the fight

Budokai Novice Champion
use cell and choose the custom skill,becarfull always guard and when the enemy finish attack start spaming squares

Budokai Adept Champion
use the same method in Novice tournament above and you should be fine

Budokai Legend of Hercule
go to edit skills then skill shop and then buy mr.satan from recommended

Budokai Advanced Champion and Budokai Team Earth
same method as above and becarfull in here from ring out try to guard more and don't worry its not that hard,the health of the enemy will be drained out unlike you so you have the advantage

and my BUDOKAI 1 plat save:budokai 1 Plat save

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