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Dark Souls (Saves)

Download Name: Dark Souls (Saves)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

oad the second slot, begin at the first bonfire in your inventory will have all rare weapons, just throwone and then picked the gun and the trophy will pop. They have all spells unless arrow souls. All miracles, unless healing. all pyromancy unless combustion. you need to buy it a you will have the trophy

You also have all the keys, all rings, you can do all covenants, you have 99999 HP and 99999 stamina. all other attributes are in 30 unless HP it is in 1. your level is 139, don't level up HP an stamina if you do you will die an you loose the 99999. I don't sure iff you can level up the other attributes.

You have to get Lordvessel and Rite of Kindling for the two trophys. I recommend getting first and Lordvessel so you can teleport, all bonfires are enabled for the teleport.

Kill all the bosses that are required for a trophy it will be easy after get Lordvessel youst teleport an with your level and healt you don have any problem.

For other weapons trophies just download a save modified with everything in the box adding to your inventory the weapon with you need for the trophy.
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