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Elemental Monsters: Online Card Game (Save)

Download Name: Elemental Monsters: Online Card Game (Save)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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I am glad to bring you the following save, but 1st i need explain what trophies you will obtain with this.

You need get the need trophies legit... YOU NEED GET ALL THIS TROPHIES BEFORE USE THE SAVE, you will never get this trophies with the save, are the easiest trophies in the game btw:
Monster Summon (Bronze): Summon a monster in Singleplayer Mode.

First Victory (Bronze): Clear Tutorial Stage 1 in Singleplayer Mode.

Beginner (Bronze): Clear all Tutorial Stages in Singleplayer Mode.

Fire Jewel (Bronze): Obtain Fire Jewel in Singleplayer Mode.

Water Jewel (Bronze): Obtain Water Jewel in Singleplayer Mode.

Wood Jewel (Bronze): Obtain Wood Jewel in Singleplayer Mode.

Light Jewel (Bronze): Obtain Light Jewel in Singleplayer Mode.

Dark Jewel (Bronze): Obtain Dark Jewel in Singleplayer Mode.

Offense Formation (Bronze): Acquire Offense Formation in Singleplayer Mode.

Defense Formation (Bronze): Acquire Defense Formation in Singleplayer Mode.

Wing Formation (Bronze): Acquire Wing Formation in Singleplayer Mode.

Separate Formation (Bronze): Acquire Separate Formation in Singleplayer Mode.

Serpentis (Bronze): Visit Serpentis in Singleplayer Mode.

Hydrae (Bronze): Visit Hydrae in Singleplayer Mode.

Leonis (Bronze): Visit Leonis in Singleplayer Mode.

Scorpie (Bronze): Visit Scorpie in Singleplayer Mode.

Witch's Abode (Bronze): Visit Witch's Abode in Singleplayer Mode.

You can GET this trophies with the save, 1ST COMPLETE THE VETERAN TROPHY:
Fusion Novice (Bronze): Conduct Card Fusion once. (Just go to witchs abodes)

World (Bronze): Conduct battle once in Multiplayer Mode. (Just play one ranked match)

Card Collector (Silver): Exceed 100 cards. (Just win one card)

Dragon Master (Silver): Acquire Expansion Pack, Legendary Dragon. (can be done with Veteral trophy, read veteran explaination)

Legendary Card (Silver): Acquire one card of Legendary rarity. (You will get it eventually, its just luck)

Practitioner (Silver): Win 100 battles. (you will get it with veteran trophy)

Scholar (Silver): Obtain 50 different titles. (See the Titles in the player selection itt will pops automatically)

Legendary Master (Silver): Defeat the Demon King in Singleplayer Mode. (defeat the 10-6, DO IT AFTER VETERAN's ONE)

Veteran (Gold): Win 100 consecutive battles. (go to single player and play the 11-1 battle, you are in the 99 Round win it and the 100 and the trophy is yours)

Professional (Gold): Win 100 battles in the Ranking Match. (it will pop when you get the veteran one)

And for the last 3 you need to used the save of JamesDRobbins, say thanks in post #2 or in his profile, YOU NEED 1ST DO THE OTHERS TROPHIES BEFORE YOU USE IT
Warrior (Gold): Become Class 100.(It will pop when you reach the next level, you just need get some tickets on one tournament, just need like 4 800 points to reach next class)

Title Collector (Gold): Obtain 100 different titles.

Avatar Collector (Gold): Obtain 30 different avatars.
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Where i can say thanks to get 2nd save file ? JamesDRobbins profile no exist in site. Regards