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Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 (Save Set)

Download Name: Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

-Choco-boco-holic: Try buying something from the store, I have 100Million gil.
-Stagering: Try Staggering Someone.
-Wild Thing: Use a single Feral Link
-Strategist: Perform a Paradigm Shift
-Giants Fist: Go deal 99,999 damage to an enemy! Quite easy with my chars.
-Defragmented and Fragmented: I went to Academia 500AF and just finished the story line from there and watched secret ending for both trophies to pop, (rare occurrance: Just went to Academia 500AF and screwed around and got these out of the blue but it is rare, try might work or might not work)
-Anomalous: Same as Defrag. and Frag., just finish the story line from there and watch secret ending.
-Serendipitous: Go to the Casino and go to the chocobo race hut and win a race (recommended: use the silver chocobo, you can't lose (most of the time) even though during race he lags, just give a push every so seconds in the race and he will come through as 1st place but sometimes it doesn't cooperate to 1st place but try it.
-Saddle Sore: Go to any area and mount a chocobo (lol its not what it sounds like), once mounted go around the place with the chocobo, screw around for a mean while (I would say 1-3 mins not mere seconds) then jump off to get a trophy to pop.

-Note: [Original Save]: Gets you everything above
[Mirror-just in case]: Gets everything above except the guarantee of getting serendipitous and saddle sore (don't know if you get trophies for these two using this save)

[Note for All 1~10 Trophies Unlock BONUS Beast Tamer Trophy:] This might give you a little bit more trophies than stated above, Necronzero (his credit for the 1~10 trophies save), if you try befriend a Don Tonberry, you might get a Beast Tamer Trophy (assuming you never encounter a Tonberry nor captured it with your pokeballs). Follow this step to get Beast Tamer Trophy Easy: go to Bresha Ruins AF100 a little to the west of the area where Atlas stood in Bresha Ruins AF005, he appears like a "void" when attacked. Getting a "Battle Mania" Fragment Skill from Serendipity (Chocobo Girl) after earning the "Paradox Professor" Fragment from City of Academia AF400, which requires 100% Map Completion for all areas in the game will increase your chance of getting this monster to spawn at least more than 58% or even 89% of the time (more than half all the time). Additionally, turning on the "Monster Collector" Fragment Skill will increase the odds of befriending monsters. Monster Collector can be unlocked via the Chocobo Girl in Serendipity after all Fragments from Vile Peaks AF010 & AF200 have been earned. You can feel free to battle Don Tonberry on Easy Difficulty; it will increase the odds of your victory and will not adversely affect the odds of befriending him. If you do not befriend him the first time, wait until he spawns again and continue to battle him over and over until he is recruited; it took me 3 tries without Monster Collector.
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