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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon SaveSet ps3

Download Name: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon SaveSet ps3  

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Submitted By: Sean

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With this save set you will get -
Way to go, Garri-son ( Liberate ALL Garrisons )

Murder Nature ( Kill all animal types )

Nice Like Jesus ( Finish All the Hostages Situations )

Kill them all ( Finish all of the Predators Path quest )

Hail To The King ( Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass )

The Only True Stopper ( Headshot Every Type of Enemy )

Running Man ( After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a dragon and return to Stealth )

Set Them Free ( Destroy 5 Braincages )( Use the Dragon Slayer save and free one Dragon from it's braincage )

Blood Dragon Down ( Kill your first Dragon ) - Use the Dragon Slayer save for this.

Dragon Slayer ( Kill 25 Dragons ) - You have the StarKiller Weapon on This SAVE!

Tooled Up ( Own All Weapon Attachments ) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS when you use this save!

End Game ( Finish the Final Showdown )

Collectible Saves

What are You Reading For? ( Find All Of Dr.Carlyle's Notes )

The Greatest Format Of All Time ( Find All The VHS Tapes )

The Drug Of The Nation ( Find All TV Sets to Decrypt the Hidden Message )
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