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[EU] Hitman: Absolution (Save Set)

Download Name: [EU] Hitman: Absolution (Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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this a save for Rocksteady and True Potential
rocksteady EU
rocksteady US

just continue and put the diffcutly to easy wait instinct to regenerate then activate it and kill the enemies in front of you (by tagging them)
after you get the trophy now quit to main menu then again continue on easy diffculty just finish the mission
on easy diffcutly shouldnt be hard at all (prefer stealthy)

and this for Whoops and Under Wraps
whoops&under wraps EU
whoops&under wraps US

just continue with the story by going down and when you reach the window just grab him out and will get both of them

and for The Russian Hare
The Russian Hare EU
The Russian Hare US

go to the last mission part1 and just snipe 3 or 4 heads and you will get it

for A Taste for the Game
A Taste for the Game EU
A Taste for the Game US

its impossible to miss it in your normal playthrough but if you miss it :p
just go to chapter select choose A Personal Contract then choose mansion Ground Floor part and choose normal diffcutly
now when you will start in front of you theres the kitchen dont go there yet you need to go to the left and take the stairs then go the bathroom inside theres drugs take them and now get back to kitchen
now wait for the guard to go and then drug the food (the boiling one since theres alot food in the ketchen :p )
now just stand back and wait untill the chef taste it and faint out and then you will get the trophy

and for Reach for the Stars
Reach for the Stars EU
Reach for the Stars US

just go chapter select and play Welcome to Hope and put diffculty to normal when the mission start
go to the bathroom on the right and shutdown the electricity and the bar fight should start and instantly when you
go out from bathroom a truck driver will attack now just fight him and when his down grab his disguise and you will get it
and if you continue with the mission while not being detected which is easy you will get
The Bartender Always Know and Inconspicuous
and dont worry if someone start to fight you just fight him and continue with objective

now for Grand Master
Grand Master EU
Grand Master US

go chapter select and choose Absolution then choose the last part put diffcutly on normal
now you just need untill the 3 enemies to seperate and then start sniping them without getting spotted
after you done that just go complete the mission and after all scenes finished you will get it and you will Silent Assassin if you didnt get it before.

if this is hard for you go to the menu and see challenges there plenty not done yet choose whatever you want and complete

and for Information is Power
Information is Power EU
Information is Power US

this took me some time as theres no guide for it(becasue the game not official release yet :p)
go to chapter select and choose absolution then choose first part and choose normal diffculty
now this picture will show exactly where the last evidence is
last evidence after you collect it just wait like 5sec and it will pop

and for Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades EU
Jack of All Trades US

after really hard time of trying to know what kills i need for the styles and theres no guide :S i finally finished it
go to chapter select,choose Attack of the Saints choose the last part and put diffculty to easy
now when you start just wait for the group to finish talking theres a jeep on the left has a knife go grab it
and start thorw it on people's head and every time you throw it at someone go grab it again from his head
i got on my fifth kill(which was on of the saint :p) and DONT GET DETECTED!! if you then restart checkpoint
and on the way you should get It's All in the Wrist and One of the Guys if you didnt get them then use the video to get them

for Silent Assassin and Faith Can Move Mountains
Silent Assassin EU
Silent Assassin US

just go to chapter select choose fight night and then choose part2 (The Arena) just go fight sanchez,
knockhim out then complete mission you will get both

A Personal Contract and Absolution
last checkpoint EU
last checkpoint US

just kill the three targets (i waited for them to sepreate and sniped them one by one and didnt get detected so its the best way IMO)
and then continue to the objective and you are done

here is my plat save
hitman plat save EU
hitman plat save US

you can get all the story related trophies with this save

heres some guides for some misc. trophies:

dont mind the language just do what he does and you will get it
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