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Ice Age 3 (Challenge Save Set) PS3

Download Name: Ice Age 3 (Challenge Save Set) PS3  

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I personally enjoyed collecting in this game and finding the crystals, they were pretty easy and didn't force a level replay like so many movie games do, but if you hate collectibles Mexi's got your back!
(Except for Red Crystal Collector, you will have to get this one on your own)

Start game > load game > single player > replay level > Buck to the rescue

1) During the vine sliding section, after sliding off the first dinosaur, jump left, left, right, stay on the right vine until you pick up the purple crystal (no trophy yet but you will need this second last purple crystal for Purple Crystal Trophy to pop later)
2) After swinging across the two bars, and fighting past the plants, pick up the amber crystal it's tucked behind a large rock formation (Amber Crystal Collector Trophy pop!)

Start game > load game > single player > replay level > Noisy Nightlife
1) Keep shooting the Ankylosaurus (the first big dinosaur that you encounter on the screen) and when its health runs out it will drop the cyan crystal (Cyan Crystal Collector Trophy pop!)
2) Keep shooting Iguanodon (the second big dinosaur that you encounter on the screen) till it drops the purple crystal (Purple Crystal Collector Trophy pop!)

Then go to the menu screen, select Trade Shack, buy the only item (2x blue crystal) available for sale from the shopkeeper (Blue Crystal Collector Trophy pop!). At the same time the Dedicated Collector Trophy will pop too.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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