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[US] Resident Evil Revelations Complementary Saves [CUSA06314]

Download Name: [US] Resident Evil Revelations Complementary Saves [CUSA06314]  

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Author: msd009

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

The trophies are the following:

-We'll Find You, Jill (saved lost): This save was lost during the backup of several games, but even so the chapter 1-3 are too fast to do, so it should not be a challenge for you.
-Researcher and Research Complete: (Data 1) During the course of the last chapter of episode 6 you will find a Sea Creeper examine it with Genesis and you will get both trophies.
-Triple Play: (Data 1) Shortly after examining the Sea Creeper you will find some Ghiozzo join them and use an electric grenade to defeat them and you will get the trophy.
-Bamboozle the Oozes and Dodge Master: (Data 1) Later on after meeting the Ghiozzo, you will get some Ooze defeat one with the sniper rifle and another try to dodge his attack.
-Get Us Out of Here: (Data 1) Finish the chapter to get the trophy.

-A Packaged Deal: (Data 2) During the course of the last chapter of episode 9 you will find a Scarmiglione defeat it with two shots of the magnum or with the rocket launcher.
-Living on the Edge: (Data 2) On one side of the Scarmiglione you will find a Tricorne Ooze, wait for the projectile to fire and at the moment taste stop the projectile with the knife.
-The Queen Zenobia: (Data 2) Finish the chapter to get the trophy.
-Angry Fist: (Data 3) Go to open the first door, crossing it you will find several Hunters defeat all except for one. To this, shoot him in the head with the machine gun and stay motionless for a moment so you can give him the blow loaded and ready trophy obtained.
-Die Another Day: (Data 3) Further on in the same chapter, when crossing the long corridor where the hunters left you, you will have to take the elevator that is in front of you. When you get on it will take you to an area where the Scagheads will come out in a door at the bottom. Try to dodge his attack and you will get the trophy.
-B.O.W. Hunter: (Any Data) Can be achieved with the save that gives you sillv (CAMPAIGN handprints trophies) only defeat some of the worms of the Malacoda and you will get the trophy. But in case you still do not have it, you can defeat any enemy in any of these saved.
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