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[US] Dragon Quest XI Mini-Saveset [CUSA08546]

Download Name: [US] Dragon Quest XI Mini-Saveset [CUSA08546]  

Category: PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: mishi

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 3.89 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Here is a mini Saveset for the grindy Endgame Trophies for the US Version

Autosave: Echoes of an Elusive Age (Gold) Fly into the black Orb and beat the last boss for the True Ending

Save 1: Puff-Puff Buff (Bronze) Walk up the stairs into the Casino, in the inner ring before you go further up, talk to Girl in Red Clothes for the last Puff Puff

Save 2: Mooteorologist (Bronze) Walk a bit to the Northwest and talk to the cow.

Save 3: Crossbow Colossus (Silver) Right before you enter the Palace talk the NPC in the Hoody to get your award for the crossbow challenge
Save 4: Till Death Do Us Part (Silver) Go to your House and talk to Gemma you can also check the Picture on the wall for a small easter egg

Save 5: Swordsmith of Light (Bronze) Go the Forge in the Camp and craft the Surpreme Sword of Light

Save 6: Quest to Impress (Silver) Just go right into the building and talk to the Purple NPC and turn in your quest.

Save 7: Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Silver) Go to your mini Forge and craft the last Appearance item (Forge Armour > Hats > Xenlon Hair Gown), Appearance items are Pink
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Thanks for the download bro, ima use this for sure.


Thanks fo the saveset for this awesome rpg