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Rise of the Guardians (Various Trophies Save)

Download Name: Rise of the Guardians (Various Trophies Save)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Now the list of trophies and how to get them

1.Magic is Everywhere -- Destroy all Nightmares in all realms
Continue with the save.On load you will see a horse.Act fast and kill it.Dont let the cpu players kill the horse.As soon as you kill the horse it will pop

2.Dig the Spring -- Find and Collect all Painted Eggs scattered across all 5 realms.
See Dreamer guide.

3.Memories Safe -- Find and Collect all Tooth Boxes scattered across all 5 realms.
See Dreamer guide.

4.Eternally Chill -- Find and Collect all Snowballs scattered across all 5 realms.
See Dreamer guide.

5.Toy Central -- Find and Collect all Wooden Toys scattered across all 5 realms.
See Dreamer guide.

6.Keeper of the Gates -- Complete all Gate Guardians missions in each realm.
See Dreamer guide.

7.Gates of Burgess -- Reclaim all gates at Burgess
See Dreamer guide.

8.Guardians Unite -- Complete all Protectors of Belief missions in each realm.
See Dreamer guide.

9.Friends to the Rescue -- Complete all Cage Break missions in each realm.
See Dreamer guide.

10.Celebrate Your Center -- Complete all Find Your Center missions in each realm.
See Dreamer guide.

11.Dreamer -- Find and Collect all Dreamsand Capsules scattered across all 5 realms.
Now all these Collectibles and side missions have only one item for you to collect.Simply pause the map it will show you the collectibles and side missions.Press triangle for legend if you want more info.At this point onward simply hunt down these annoying artifacts and side missions.

12. Elite Guardian -- Reach Valor Level 20.
For this trophy cycle through the characters you will See some of them at level 19.Now with this character go hunt down the collectibles and rescue mission mentioned above so that you gain valor and reach 20 with ease.

13.Crystal Champ -- Collect 15000 Crystals.
Simply kill some more enemies to gather crystal

14.Shadow Sifter -- Destroy one of each type of Champion Nightmare.
For this to pop go to challenges menu>>champion challenge>>and play the level which has a bird champion nightmare(simply cycle through the challenges ,quit to main menu if you see the bird champion enemy did not appear and try another one).Kill it personally and you will gain this bugged trophy .

15.Belief Spin -- Turn the Globe of Belief 360 degrees on the Pause Screen.
On the pause menu (accessed via start) you can use the right stick to spin the globe. Turn it all the way around untill the trophy pops.

16.Tis' the Season to be Naughty -- Destroy 40 piles of presents in North's Factory.
The piles of presents only appear in the Factory section of the North Pole. You can leave the area and return to get the presents to respawn if you need more.only 4 boxes are needed to be destroyed

17.Riding the Wind -- Hit 10 Mailboxes around the streets of Burgess.
The icon for this trophy is a bit misleading. The mailboxes you want for this trophy are the large blue boxes on the sidewalks. Although some houses in the Suburbs area have individual mailboxes, these do not seem to register being hit and don't count for the trophy.

18.Co-op Captain -- Instigate a co-operative attack move.
This can be earned in single player with computer-controlled team-mates. With at least one bar of energy, hold down L2 to activate a co-op move.

So this save will let you nearly 60-70% of the trophies

Any other trophies that will pop please report
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